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My name is not is actually an old scottish spelling of the word.....What do you mean you dont beleive me? What kind of Xena fan would mispell Chakrem Chakram?

Anyway, hey. Im Gwacles and Saisy says Im cool, apparently thats all that matters :P

Ive been around here for over a year now, and kinda strangely obsessessed with XOC. Obviously I love Xena (the avvy kinda gave it away didnt it?) and am a totaly Gab fan!

I've been to two cons so far. London 2008;



LA 2009

They were absolutly amazing times for me!

Ive also been to two meetups which were amazing :D

and Belgium :D
*pic to come lol*

And Im currently planning on going to LA this year as well. Thats about it with my Xena life lol, any questions?

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Im a big fan of Xena and Charmed. And Im totally in love with the Chronicals of Narnia, its one part of my childhood I wont let go of lol.

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    Lol ok, this is me leaving a comment. The comment is left.